About Us


We desire to provide liquidity to a select few small to middle market enterprises, and we will provide each acquisition with the resources it needs to realize its maximum potential. We are interested in partnering with companies and owners that share our long-term business philosophy, believe in customer service, and care about their employees.


We believe that the best opportunities to create significant value are found in companies in need of new capital and new ownership structures, and we look for companies that have potential to grow through a combination of acquisitions and organic growth. We seek to provide attractive exit opportunities for owners and operators of small to medium-sized enterprises and to provide divestiture opportunities for divisions of corporate parent companies that no longer reflect the company's strategic focus. The Edwards Group endeavors to execute seamless transactions with a customer-oriented, employee-friendly philosophy.

For Business Sellers

The Edwards Group offers a unique value proposition to sellers. We provide: (i) liquidity events for individual sellers and divestiture opportunities for divisions of corporate parent companies and (ii) the financial and managerial experience to ensure ongoing success. The seller receives the following:

  • Fair price for a healthy business or corporate division that has opportunities for future growth
  • Management team that will lead the company after the sale
  • Intimate understanding of the seller's or corporate parent's particular business circumstances
  • Smooth transition

What Sets Us Apart

We distinguish ourselves in the following ways:

  • Profit driven and operational mindset
  • A thorough investment approach
  • Adherence to investment philosophy and criteria
  • Emphasis on post-acquisition planning and strategy
  • Highly active and seasoned investment team
  • Passionate, results-oriented Principals with strong work ethic

The Edwards Group
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Murray Edwards