Investment Criteria


  • The Edwards Group seeks controlling interest


  • Established at least three years with strong reputation within its industry
  • Growth potential - either organic or through acquisition


  • Free Cash Flows between $250,000 and $5,000,000
  • Consistent financial metrics for past three years
  • Expectation of positive and stable cash flows
  • Conservative balance sheet


  • Seller willing to assist in the transition of ownership
  • Experienced and driven middle management
  • Solid employee relations

Product / Service Offering

  • Stable product not subject to rapid obsolescence
  • Significant value-added benefit to the customer
  • A defensible market position
  • Diverse base of customers
  • High customer retention rates


  • Growing or relatively mature industry
  • Fragmented geographically or by product
  • Fragmented suppliers and/or customers
  • Limited cyclicality and seasonality
  • High entry barriers


  • Texas and Southwest USA

The Edwards Group
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Murray Edwards